Miss Jessica Felicetti

Reading Coach

Personal message: Teaching, as a vocation specifically within the Catholic sector, is a call to service of both God and the community. As such, a teacher is called to work cooperatively within the school, church and wider community to guide students on their own individual journeys. I believe that learning must encompass the holistic development of the child, which not only includes spiritual but intellectual, social, cultural, emotional and physical development. I teach to the best of my ability by incorporating the core values and mission of the school in all teaching and learning experiences. I believe a contemporary approach to teaching with use of technology allows for students to develop skills that will equip them for life in the real world. I have a true love for children and I inspire my students to be their very best, living a life aligned to the Gospels of the Catholic Church.

Qualifications: As a life-long learner I have obtained a Bachelor of Education (Primary), Post-graduate Certificate (TESOL) and a Master of Educational Leadership all obtained through the Australian Catholic University.